Kamay Jones

Acro & Tumbling

RAD-RTS, ADAPT, Acrobatique

Kamay’s dance career began in Rockland, Ontario at the age of 3 under the teaching of Helene Tassie, Carolyn Madge, Lucy Cellucci and Jean Neveu. Her enthusiasm and confidence have enabled her to attain her Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1 Ballet certification and her ADAPT Intermediate Jazz & Tap certificates; graded “Highly Commended Plus” in Tap.

While completing 3 years of studies at the University of Ottawa for Health Sciences, Kamay began her teaching career and attended Teacher’s Training School with ADAPT. Becoming a bilingual certified ADAPT teacher was only the first step as she continued her education with the Royal Academy of Dance and Acrobatique becoming a certified teacher in 4 disciplines. She regularly attends conventions, workshops and classes to maintain and continue her dance training.

Ms. Kamay’s energetic personality and positive approach to teaching motivates and engages all of her students as they grow and learn through a lifetime of dance.

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